Generate search data for Hexo 3.0. This plugin is used for generating a search index file, which contains all the neccessary data of your articles that you can use to write a local search engine for your blog. Supports both XML and JSON format output.

  • Demo - work with Next theme.


$ npm install hexo-generator-searchdb --save


You can configure this plugin in your root _config.yml. All the arguments are optional.

  path: search.xml
  field: post
  format: html
  limit: 10000
  • path - file path. By default is search.xml . If the file extension is .json, the output format will be JSON. Otherwise XML format file will be exported.
  • field - the search scope you want to search, you can chose:
    • post (Default) - will only covers all the posts of your blog.
    • page - will only covers all the pages of your blog.
    • all - will covers all the posts and pages of your blog.
  • format - the form of the page contents, works with xml mode, options are:
    • html (Default) - original html string being minified.
    • raw - markdown text of each posts or pages.
    • excerpt - only collect excerpt.
    • more - act as you think.
  • limit - define the maximum number of posts being indexed, always prefer the newest.


For node.js version < 4.2.2, please use v0.X.X please.